WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Predictions.



So no one signed up for the prediction contest.  Too late now.  Ah well.  Maybe I’ll try again later on.  Anyways, lets see who I think will win and why.

(Winners in bold.)

The Ascension vs. The New Age Outlaws.

The Ascension really has to win here.  There is a lot of potential in this team and they were great in NXT.  Is this another example of Vince McMahon not understanding an NXT gimmick and burying it when the guys get to the main roster?  I love the big beat everyone up nothing pretty about what we do tag teams.  Give these guys a chance and give them a dominant win here.

Paige and Natalya vs. The Bella Twins.

You have to wonder where this will go next.  We already saw the Bellas feud.  Nikki is still the Divas champ.  I see either Paige or Natalya hitting a finishing move and the other one making the blind tag to claim victory.  Both women have a case for beating the champ.  Three way match in the future to decide it.

The Usos vs. Miz and Damien Mizdow.

I mean we all expect Miz and Mizdow to split and then have a great WrestleMania match right?  There is just no other possibility here.

The New Day vs The Masters of the WWE Universe and Adam Rose.

I really want The New Day to be something but it hasn’t happened yet.  Kidd and Cesaro are the latest in a line of thrown together singles stars who click.  Adam Rose is just here.  Kidd and Cesaro will be tag team of the year by the time 2015 is over.  It starts here.

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena vs. Seth Rollins.

After beating the Undertaker and destroying John Cena I think the better more dramatic story is for Brock to dominate this match and look strong going into WrestleMania.  Thus making whoever defeats him at the biggest show of the year look that much better.  He (whoever that is) will do what no one else in a year was able to do.  Defeat the Beast.  But to have that moment, Brock needs to win this match.

The Royal Rumble.

Its down to Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler.  I think Ziggler will be the star of the summer and I predict him to win Money in the Bank, thus getting his biggest underdog tale to date.  I went into my feelings in a previous post.  I think WWE would be risking too much giving this to Daniel Bryan.  His injury could happen again.  If anything gets aggravated then the main event at WrestleMania is in limbo.  Maybe Roman isn’t ready right now.  But he could be ready by ‘Mania.  Its sink or swim time for him, but first he has to be given the opportunity to try.

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