25 Things I Would Rather Watch Today Than the Super Bowl.

The annual tradition is back!  As a non sports fan, this is a tough day to find something to watch.  Many channels just phone it in today.  But not all!

What I do is find 25 shows I would like to watch today.  The rules are the shows have to air during the scheduled time of the Super Bowl.  (630-10PM).  Also, it has to be something I would actually watch.  I cant pick the Real Housewives of Rochester just to pick something.  Also, marathons count as one entry.  This would be too easy otherwise.

With all of that said, here is the 2015 list.


1.  America’s Funniest Home Videos.  ABC.  7PM-8PM

2.  Bob’s Burgers.  FOX.  7PM-730PM

3.  The Simpsons.  FOX.  730PM-8PM

4.  The Walking Dead.  AMC.

5.  Star Trek: The Next Generation.  BBC

6.  Teen Titans GO! Cartoon Network.  630PM-7PM

7.  Futurama.  Comedy Central.

8.  Gravity Falls. Disney XD

9.  Star Wars: Rebels.  Disney XD.

10.  Total Divas.  E!

11.  Psych.  Esquire Network.  7PM-8PM

12.  Best of WEC.  Fox Sports 1.  7PM-8PM

13.  Star Trek.  FXM.  7PM-930PM

14.  The Simpsons.  FXX.

15.  Family Feud.  Game Show Network

16.  How I Met Your Mother.  WGN

17.  Brooklyn Nine Nine.  FOX.  830PM-9PM

18.  Family Guy.  FOX.  9PM-930PM.

19.  Bob’s Burgers.  FOX. 930PM-10PM.

20.  Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man.  Disney XD.  930PM-10PM.

21.  UFC Ultimate Knockouts.  Fox Sports 1.

22.  Swingers.  IFC.  645PM-9PM

23.  The Golden Girls.  TV Land.

24.  Heroes of the East.  El Rey.

25.  Heroes of Sung.  El Rey.

One comment

  1. Frankly, I’m tired of football and all the associated drama. From debate on under inflated balls, to the persecution of a player because he doesn’t want to stroke off the media, the whole thing is just bullsh*t. Oh, and there’s no point in watching it for the commercials anymore, because they’ve already been posted online.

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