5 Ways Funko Pop is Going to Make Me Shut Up and Take My Money in 2015.

The annual Toy Fair took place this weekend.  Every company that makes toys was there showing off the things we’re going to want to buy for the rest of the year.  There are lots of cool things coming from everyone (no Speedball from Marvel though!) but no one has anything as awesome as the line up from Funko!

With a former League of Extraordinary Blogger, Reis O’Brien working for Pop! I have a loyalty and love for the company.  Even if that company had fired me and blacklisted me from any other employment I would still purchase these figures.  And you’re going to as well! There is much more than these five lines so be sure to check out your local toy haunts all year long.

I didn’t even get a chance to show off the Avengers, Matrix, X-Files, Garbage Pail Kids, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and more.  Funko is even going to take the old Shonen Warriors idea and apply it to Star Wars figures!

I got all of these pictures from PopVinyls.com and I suggest you bookmark the site to stay up to date on all Pop news.

5.  Harry Potter.


Here’s a license to print pounds.  (You know, because they’re British.)  An entire generation grew up with Harry Potter and hold it in the same level that we hold Star Wars or GI Joe.  There is no limit to the amount of characters that can be made.  Hundreds of characters, monsters, and costumes.


4.  Pop Home.


There goes all of the themed items in the kitchen.  Its tough to have a kitchen that looks both adult and geeky.  Tough for married guys but even tougher for the single guys trying to get a lady to come over to the apartment.  This line is cute and manly.  Which we all want to be.


3.  Star Trek ReAction.


This ReAction line is crazy.  Imagine the old Kenner Star Wars figures in size and scale and then make figures for every possible character.  Funko has already made sci fi and horror and more but there is no stopping this line.  Most exciting is this Star Trek line.  Yeah, a Star Trek line the same size as Star Wars.  Finally they can battle.  Finally we shall have a winner!


2.  Doctor Who.


I mean seriously, just look at these.  How cute are they?!  I plan on using these to get my child into Doctor Who.  Daleks can be scary but holding an adorable little toy of one will certainly make the world safer.


1.   TIE.  Gremlins and Jaws.

GremlinsPop JawsPop

A shark figure!  Bruce the Shark!  And Gizmo!  This will be the best Christmas ever.  Well, definitely better than the time that girl’s dad dressed as Santa and got caught in the chimney then died.

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