Fathom Kiani Volume 4 #1 Review.

Provided by Aspen Comics.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Giuseppe Cafaro, Wes Hartman, Josh Reed.

FathomKiani-v4-01a-Cafaro FathomKiani-v4-01b-Konat FathomKiani-v4-01c-Agnes FathomKiani-v4-01d-Valentine

OMG I get it now.  I get this comic and what Vince Hernandez has been doing here for years.

I already understood the amazing art of Giuseppe.  Strong powerful leading women, as always from Aspen Comics.  Also as always from Cafaro.  I have always loved the natural look of the armor that has been prevalent in the Fathom series.  The warriors look like they found something in the sea bed that could stop a bullet and honed that for generations.  Its one of the coolest and most original looks in all of comics.

That’s not all that Cafaro brings to the table though.  He takes risks on page after page.  Like an experimental director the angles, the character positions, even the use of light and darkness make every page burst with tension.  Aspiring artists could learn a lot here.  I know I am.

Back to what I finally get.  This isn’t a story about a super hero or a redemption.  Its the story of first contact.  Sure Kiani and the Blue come from the same Earth as the rest of us these may as well be aliens.  They come from an unknown place, full of technology and secrets we cant understand.  Its as exciting as it is terrifying.  What is the inevitable result of such contact?  Blow ’em up, our forefathers taught us.  That works great on enemies of a lesser or equal level.  But the Blue, and Kiani especially, are on no one’s level.  Kiani brings the water to the fire fight and proves without doubt what is the strongest element on Earth.

I look forward to the next three issues of this volume.  Not to see who or what can stop Kiani’s path of rage, but to see her push that path through every obstacle in her way.

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