The Walking Dead (Comic) Theory.

Here there be major spoilers.  Major major spoilers.  Seriously, if you are not caught up on the comic book and don’t want anything spoiled or ruined for you stop reading now.  I’m totally serious.  I will mess up plots and characters and stories for you.  So go away.

Still here?

Sure about it?

Alright, here’s the idea.

Recently in the comic book the entire world jumped ahead two years.  Rick created a new sanctuary.  Carl grew up two years into a teenager.  There are trade routes and safety and a government and even a fair.  Seriously, things are so going so well that the survivors are able to organize and enjoy a fair.  That’s so great!

But, its The Walking Dead.  So of course something bad is afoot.


There is a new threat.  Talking zombies.  Or so we thought.  Turns out there is another group of survivors who wear the skin of the dead in order to pass through zombie hordes untouched.  Its as fucked up as it sounds.  We know a little about these skin walkers because one of their own has been captured by Rick’s group and shared some of their story.  Also, there are at least two waiting outside for further instructions from an as yet unseen unnamed “Leader”.

Oh there’s one more tiny thing that also happened in that two year gap.  Michonne went missing.  Well, not missing.  She’s alive but not part of the group anymore.  The only mention of her has been Rick saying that he misses her.

See where I’m going?

Something happened in that two years between Rick and Michonne and the katana goddess is about to turn heel.

Lets break it down.  Writing 101 says if someone is going to get shot, introduce the gun on the first page.  In the first part of this story arc Michonne’s absence is addressed and then no longer mentioned.  Just enough information is given and then forgotten as the story picks up in other directions.


When Michonne first appeared in the comic she was leading two jaw less zombies along on leashes.  She is not above using the dead to her gain.  Much like these skin wearers are doing.

Michonne has always seemed the loyal second.  The dutiful lieutenant.  Every sidekick yearns to be in charge.  Robin became Nightwing and briefly became Batman.  Bucky became Captain America.  And Michonne needs to be in charge.  She disagrees with Rick but eventually goes along with his decision.  Sure, sometimes she influences and causes that decision but it is still ultimately his choice.

Maybe Michonne is upset over the no killing rule.  Maybe there wasn’t room for a crazy woman with a sword.  Maybe its still post traumatic stress from the Governor.  Or maybe something happened in those two years the audience is not currently aware of.

Either way, when Robert Kirkman refuses to name a character and plays the Kevin Smith/Chasing Amy pronoun game something is up.  Even Negan was named before appearing.  This mysterious Leader is going to wreak havoc on the Walking Dead universe.

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