Trip to the Antique Mall.

I wish I could say I took all of these pictures recently but alas no.  These are at least two years old.  Pre baby for sure.  There is no way I could take this toddler tornado of terror into an antique mall.  Not unless I want to be forced to buy everything in there after the owners enforce their “you break it” policy.

Also I know I would have made my money back on any one of these purchases.  Not that I have a clue how the hell to ship Jabba’s Skiff Lego set but to make a profit I would figure it out.  Jar Jar’s mistake may have been me not buying it.

Good news is that this antique mall is only 15 minutes away.  While chances are none of these items are still for sale (at least I would hope not or else business is bad), there is most likely lots of brand new stuff I want but don’t need.

Anyone want to babysit for a couple hours so I can dive into this ridiculous some more?

Mall10 Mall09 Mall08 Mall06 Mall05 Mall04 Mall03 Mall02 Mall01

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