The Walking Dead #139 Full Spoilers Review.

When we discuss The Walking Dead here we discuss it with lots of spoilers.  If you have not yet read today’s issue and don’t want it spoiled then I suggest turning back now.  We’ll wait for you.  This article will still be here after you go to the local comic book shop or wait for the graphic novel.  Whenever you read it come back here and we can all talk.

From Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Image Comics.


Holy crap some shit is about to happen.  You know how people bitch every time there is a new Walking Dead, comic or show, and say its boring without 10,000 zombie deaths.  Those people who don’t understand the slow burn and character development.  Those people are going to hate this issue.  For the rest of us there is some horrible and hardcore stuff about to happen.  And one revelation!

Carl has left his world of safety to chase after a girl.  Sure he’s the baddest teenage boy there is, but he is still a teenage boy.  By going after the Whisperers he is hurting everyone, including himself.  The entire world his father has created could come crashing down because he went after a girl.  How many empires have fallen because of a woman?

Maggie looks bad, Sophia gets her heart broken, Rick will be at a loss and unable to lead, plus the risk of upsetting the Whisperers.  While they are still an unknown it is known that they are a threat.  A threat that could over run our much loved cast and destroy all that they built.

Many suspect that The Walking Dead is not Rick’s story, it is actually Carl’s.  If so then we are seeing who and what forms Carl.  He leaves the teachings of his father and looks for other teachers.  Unfortunately its looking like those teachers are Negan and now Alpha.  This is going to get to be very very fucked up.

But hey good news.  Michonne returns!  Not just Michonne, but pirate Michonne!  It actually makes a ton of sense.  The sea wouldn’t have any zombies, or at least much much less.  Plus as pointed out in the story there would be an abundance of fish and other sea life now with most of the human race no longer eating it.  This also opens up the possibility of meeting other communities.  Most great societies throughout history began next to bodies of water.  It would most likely not be any different in the post apocalypse.

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