Fathom Kiani #2 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Guiseppe Cafaro, Wes Hartman, Josh Reed.


Kiani and Anika continue to be hunted within the world they are trying to save.  These two are essentially missionairies from another planet and there is always someone with a mad on to mess up peace.  Kiani and Anika are attacked by a new and possibly their most dangerous foe.

This was all gone over in my review for issue one.  If you would like to read all about that issue click on this link.


But now I think its time to rave about the creators.  I have read some horrible comics lately.  Ones that I chose to not review in order to keep the negatives to a minimum.  But now that I’m not naming names I will say they were horrible.  Some of the most forced and rough writing.  Words that did nothing for the plot.  Art that couldn’t follow panel to panel with a map and a GPS.

Thank God I have none of that to worry about with Fathom: Kiani.  First of all, Vince Hernandez has always known what he’s doing.  It has been a pleasure to read his work for the last few years.  Recently it seems he’s gained a new confidence in himself and is really opening up on the page.  His words flow with a new realism and truth.  He’s in a special zone, like when you’re driving and a feeling of zen washes over you giving an awareness of all.  Its a euphoric experience and one that transcends through the page into the reader.  Maybe its all that working out he’s been doing lately.

Guiseppe has always been amazing.  It took reading something bad to realize how good his work has always been.  I can follow every twist and turn.  Every character is distinct.   The action explodes off the page yet is contained within logic so the reader has no trouble following along.  I cant get over just how pleasurable it was to read this book.  Can I go up to Cafaro at a convention and just slap his back?  Good job sir!  I don’t want a sketch or autograph or anything I just want to say thank you.

That really sums it up though.  Kiani is a gift, a thank you to comic book readers.  This is how it should be.  Enjoy.  Come back for more.


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