Predicting the Cast of Mallrats 2.



This week Kevin Smith announced that Mallrats 2 is coming.  He then began the countdown.  The first picture showed Smith, Jason Mewes, Stan Lee, and Michael Rooker.

“4 down, 8 to go.”

Smith is trying to get the whole band back together.  I started this article.  Who are the 8 remaining cast members and who will return?  Then Smith started making announcements rapid fire.  Shannen Doherty, Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee.  I think there’s no way TS will be back.  He hasn’t done anything in a Kevin Smith film since Mallrats.  Jeremy London is back.  Nice.

We are now “8 down, 4 to go.”  This article got a little smaller.  So lets guess at the remaining four and if they will return.

4. Joey Lauren Adams

Joey constantly works and is constantly awesome in all of her roles.  She is a Golden Globe nominated actress for another Smith movie, Chasing Amy.  She returned for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which is a good sign.  Honestly, if there is any blockade against her return it would be Smith’s wife.  She is very much the Alpha Dog of the SMod empire.  She is the matriarch and the boss.  If she didn’t want her husband’s ex around she wouldn’t be around.  All that is moot though as every time Kevin Smith has mentioned Joey in the past few years it sounds as if they all have a great friendship.  I would assume Joey wont be showing her breasts in Mallrats 2 though.

3. Renée Humphrey (as Tricia Jones)

More than likely she will return.  Nothing against Humphrey but she’s not A list nor booked solid.  There is no reason she wouldn’t show up for a day’s pay and see some old friends.  Plus it looks good that she returned for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back alongside her on screen sister, Ms Adams.

2. Claire Forlani

NCIS: LA, CSI: NY, Camelot.  Claire has been busy appearing on numerous hit shows.  If she didn’t want to go back to the mall she doesn’t need to.  A quick IMDB search shows nothing scheduled for 2015 so in theory her schedule is open.  Fans should also take into consideration that Forlani is most likely not going to be the star of the movie.  A returning cast member is a returning cast member, how long she or anyone else is on screen is irrelevant.

1. Ben Affleck

Now for the tough one.  Batman.  Batman in at least three multi hundred million dollar productions.  Billions of dollars on the line.  Also an award winning director.  And Kevin Smith has made many comments that he and Affleck haven’t talked in years.  Despite years of friendship.  Not just that but arguably Affleck wouldn’t have his life if not for Smith.  Not only for the movie roles while starting out.  Or because Smith helped get Good Will Hunting made.  Kevin Smith helped Affleck get cast as Daredevil.  That movie accomplished two things.  Introducing Affleck to his now wife and convincing the world Affleck can be a super hero.  It should be expected that Affleck appears in this movie as a thank you to the man who changed his life.

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