The Walking Dead #130 Full Spoiler Review.

When we talk about the Walking Dead we talk about all of it.  If you have not read the latest issue then go away and come back later.  I will ruin it for you.  Turn back now.


Still here?  Okay we can talk about it then.


When we last read The Walking Dead, Carl had gone after a girl, Michonne was back in port and Maggie had to figure out what to do with a turncoat.  Somehow that is a calm period.

Things get even crazier this issue with even worse things coming.  Seriously, its going to be like the Legion of Doom for our heroes and a huge change in status quo is coming.

First we have the Whisperers, or the Skin Walkers.  Carl walks with them to their home camp and its huge.  They have zombie skins tanning, livestock, fires and tents.  Its not the civilization Rick created but it is a civilization.  Maybe a Europeans vs Native Americans sort of thing happening here.  While the Whisperers are scary so far they might just be Rick’s best friends.

Michonne has taken off once and is about to take off again.  I cant really say she’s running away, but she’s damn sure sailing away.  She has found her means of escape and there’s a good chance of her surviving whatever comes next but how long can she survive at sea?  It might be Rick’s only way out of what’s to come.

Gregory tried to kill Maggie and now must pay for it.  Jesus convinces Maggie to kill Gregory in order to stop his influence and its tough to argue with his logic.  While Rick let Negan live to serve as an example Maggie and Jesus feel that just wont work with Gregory.  Should have decided sooner.

Back in the dungeons Negan is loose.  There is no way its an accident.  “Oh the key wont click, oh there it goes.”  This seems a little too easy.  Perhaps Negan has been influencing between the panels?  Now Negan is loose, Gregory is still alive, the Whisperers are a force.  What else can go wrong?


He has not been seen since the time jump.  It has been implied that Dwight is in charge of Negan’s old territory and an ally of Rick’s but is he?  All of this coming to a head right before the carnival seems way too coincidental.

Here’s my theory heading towards issue 150.  It turns out that there are those who have some sort of loyalty or attraction to Negan.  They have conspired and been plotting for a while now.  Waiting for the perfect time when everyone is together.  Negan in charge, Dwight with his pro Negan force, Gregory with his anti Maggie and anti Rick movement.

Here’s how I see it going down:  Rick and crew arrive for the carnival.  Maggie deflects any questions about Carl or Gregory.  Once everyone is good and settled in and having a good time Negan reveals himself.  He has a couple of supporters but Rick isn’t scared. Then those that Rick believes are on his side turn.  He is out numbered and surrounded.  Negan kills Andrea to show he means business.  There are gunshots and fires and all sorts of nastiness.  Help comes from the Whisperers.  Carl convinces them to go help his father.

So what’s your guess?

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