Eat Like The Rock!



I mean if you want to eat 10 pounds of food a day.  I have trouble eating one pound in an entire meal.  To say nothing of 10 pounds in a day.  That’s just unreal.  Of course I’m not waking up at 4AM and doing my first of many workouts for the day.

So to look like The Rock, here’s what you have to do:

Meal 1:

10 oz cod
2 whole eggs
2 cups oatmeal

Meal 2:

8 oz cod
12 oz sweet potato
1 cup veggies

Meal 3:

8 oz chicken
2 cups white rice
1 cup veggies

Meal 4:

8 oz cod
2 cups rice
1 cup veggies
1 tbsp fish oil

Meal 5:

8 oz steak
12 oz baked potato Spinach salad

Meal 6:

10 oz cod
2 cups rice Salad

Meal 7:

30 grams casein protein
10 egg-white omelet
1 cup veggies
1 tbsp omega-3 fish oil


► “I do cardio 4–5 a.m., then take 4–6 scoops of Optimum’s Amino Energy.”
► “After cardio I eat breakfast [Meal no. 1].”
► “After breakfast I hit the iron for 90 minutes.”
► “Post-workout I have 60 grams Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Hydrowhey with 15 grams of glutamine.”
► “Thiry minutes later I consume 32 oz of Gatorade.



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