Interview with David Ames, Creator of the Batman Legacy Kickstarter.

(This post originally appeared on the Geeks Unleashed website.  The site is currently shut down with a relaunch scheduled for October.  I had a couple of really good interviews published over there and I would like to keep them out and available to read.  First off is this interview with a creator who wanted to make his own Batman comic.)


As comic book readers we have all had dreams of writing the characters we love.  But few if any of us get that chance.  David Ames is not one to wait.  He is taking that dream and making it happen by himself.  Well, with the help of those on Kickstarter as well.  David has created the Batman Legacy Kickstarter.  A “a series spanning over one hundred years of the cowl being handed down from father to son starting back in the civil war era when Bruce Wayne’s Great Great Great Grandfather had his entire family slaughtered by union soldiers and went out to seek vengeance during this he fathered a son right before his death who was taken by Ra’s Al Ghul and trained by the league of shadows.’

Its a great idea for any comic.  But how will David pull off this use of Batman?

David, you’re the creator of the Kickstarter project Batman Legacy.  Your idea is to make the mantle of the bat into a family heirloom starting with Bruce Wayne’s Great Great Great Grandfather during the Civil War.  In your pitch you have Bruce’s ancestor’s entire family slaughtered by Union soldiers.  Thus making him a Confederate.  Will your story take a look at issues of slavery and the split of the nation?

Yes, Bruce’s ancestor will be a Confederate he will even have a freed slave whose
birth name is Robin to kind of give the mantle of robin a origin also. Depending on
how popular this version of Robin is I might do a small novella on him. As to the split
of the nation. Bruce’s ancestor (I have not fully chosen a name for him as of yet)
will be from Maryland which was neutral during the war so I will touch on how the
war affected the states who were on the fence.

What other time periods and locations are you planning on exploring during the course of the series.

The other time periods we will be looking at is all the wars up to the war on terror.
Bruce left Gotham for a while and he has many government friends so why not also make
him a soldier this would also help explain is care of human life.

How many issues do you expect to publish?

One issue for major war this US has been involved in and one issue for in between
the wars so roughly 12 issues.

One of the Kickstarter rewards is the first issue signed by the entire creative team.  Who is the creative team and will you be writing or drawing any of the comic yourself?

The creative team is a group of friends that are big batman fans and will be critiquing
my take on batman on a regular bases all who wish to remain anonomyous and antother
friend (also anonomyous) who will be editing me as I go.

Obviously one of the risks to your project is working on a DC Comics owned character.  How do you plan on convincing DC Comics to approve this project?

I plan on sending them a digital copy and getting in touch with the editor at DC
and seeing what we can do.

If DC Comics declines your offer do you have a back up plan for Batman Legacy?

If DC declines my offer I will change the name of the character but anyone who is envolved
with this kickstarter and anyone who reads this article will know it was originally batman.

Your Kickstarter runs through March 19th and your rewards are scheduled for July.  What plan do you have in place to ensure you wont face any printing or shipping problems like some other successful Kickstarters have struggled to overcome?

The T-shirts have been ordered already I have a friend who runs a screen printing shop
who will print them as soons as my kickstarter wraps up he will even send them out.


Best of luck with your project David!  If you would like to contribute to Batman Legacy you can find the Kickstarter link here:

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