Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror Review.

Those that know me know I used to be horrible about shaving.  Seriously, it was bad.  So bad that when I finally did shave I would destroy a razor after one use.  Cutting through weeks of bristle is a task too tough for most razors.  One of the reasons for my slacking was the difficulty of shaving.  I had to get out of the shower, get in front of the steam covered mirror.  If I shave right away then the mirror is all fogged up and I’m getting cold while drip drying.  If I wait until I am the mirror are dry my face is also dry and painful to shave.  The trick was to shave in the shower, but that makes mirrors fog up that much quicker.


Enter the Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror.

This thing has been wonderful.  I look forward to shaving now.

Of course the product lives up to its name.  Its so clear it actually startled me to use it.  Hey, who the hell is in the shower with me?  Oh, that is my face.  I’m not sued to seeing it while in the shower.  I used the product according to directions and my face has never been clearer.

First of all, attach this to the opposite wall than the shower head.  It doesn’t really make sense any other place but people are weird and might mess this up.  I would also recommend attaching the shaving razor holder right next to it.  The hooks attach easily and are stronger than anything else I’ve ever put up in there, including the shower rod.  Also, I’ve found that the razors pick up a bit of moisture while hanging there thus reducing friction while shaving.

Remember to use the mirror as directed.  Take the covering off.  Hang up properly.  Do clean it every so often according to directions.  A little bit of film built up from the usual shower use and splashes.  A quick cleaning and my Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror was perfect once again.

Its not suggested on the packaging, but don’t be afraid to take the mirror down and hold it in your hand while shaving.  Thanks to the clear reflection I was able to get all parts of my face that I have a habit of missing.  No more embarrassing moments, finding out that I’ve missed a huge spot right by the ear.

I love this product and plan on having a Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror as a permanent addition to all my future showers, same goes for the electric tankless hot water heater I had installed recently, Saving money with every shower.

(This product was provided free for review.)

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