Worlds of Aspen 2015 Review. (Free Comic Book Day Edition.)

Thanks to my fine friends at Aspen Comics I was able to read the Free Comic Book Day issue, Worlds of Aspen, early.  Good thing too.  I just put $300 into the car so my FCBD plans are no more.  But Kevin, the comics are free!  I’m aware but if you go into a comic book store and say “gimmie your free shit!” then don’t spend any money, you’re a douche.  And I sir (or madam) am not a douche.


We’re not here for my car talk though, lets see what Aspen has in store.  Oh look we got two stories!  Consider one part an issue zero for Eternal Soulfire and the other half is an introduction for Fathom Blue.  Both stories take Aspen’s legacy and turns it over.

In Eternal Soulfire (from JT Krul, Alex Konat, Mark Roslan, Gabe Carrasco, Federico Blee, Josh Reed) the world of magic is being thrust into the “real” world whether anyone is ready for it or not.  Whether its a young girl wondering why her body is changing (and Cassidy intrigues the hell out of me already) or a tested warrior with a grip on not only the use of magic but also the dangers of its abuse.  Don’t worry, anyone who can say “this isn’t a knife” and back it up in the manner shown is going to get the better of any and all magic abusers.

If you have any concerns that a free issue means work is phoned in, fear not!  All the talent you’re used to in monthly Aspen titles is here.  Intense action, crisp lines, booming color and perfect lettering.

Oh then there’s Fathom Blue as well.  (From Vince Hernandez, Claudio Avella, Erick Arciniega, Josh Reed.)  A new era in Aspen’s longest running idea.  I really really like this new spin. The Blue as a team.  A reluctant team perhaps, but a team nonetheless.  I see great things ahead here.  Its like Aspen doing their spin on Suicide Squad or Strikeforce Morituri.  And with the potential to be held alongside those classic tales.

Be sure to get to your favorite local comic shop this coming Saturday and pick up your own free copy of Worlds of Aspen.

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