Music Review: Return for Refund “Self-Titled” EP.

I’m not sure how a band can sound Northern and Southern at the same time but damn if Return for Refund doesn’t pull it off.

Hailing from Toronto Canada it is very obvious these guys are from the Great White North.  There are obvious influences from classic Canadian rock bands like the Hip and Tea Party.  Yet there is that grimy Southern rock charm that creeps through the glacial cracks.  Fans of Gov’t Mule will find something familiar and yet completely new.


Frontman Drew Clementino and guitarist Sasha Molotkow found each other by fate and bring that intangible magic to each performance that other musicians search for for a lifetime.  Karlis Hawkins rounds out this three piece shredding suit on the drums and must play each song to exhaustion.  Every snare and beat is hit with 100% intensity and no time for rest.

If you’re looking for a summer anthem look no further than “Between My Sheets”.  “Where did you come from?/And why are you between my sheets?”  This is the kind of song that will infect your world like an audible virus.  Be patient zero.  Play this song with the windows down.  Get it on the jukebox of your favorite bar.  Call up your local rock station to request it.  Then sit back in awe as your entire community discovers and loves this song that you loved and knew back when.

“Those Bombs” is ridiculously fun.  I get excited by the opening notes.  The day can be long and stressful but for some reason this song is the perfect track to turn that around.  A perfect 2AM song too.  Or whenever your favorite bar legally has to close.  Get next to that person that you want to end up on top of you and have a hot casual dance to the perfect song for it.

If there is any song that’s a dud on the track its YOLO and that’s nothing against the song.  Its just a horrible term and I cant wait for it to go away.  The song itself is fantastic along with the rest of the album but man we all hate YOLO don’t we?

For more information on the band and to order the album check out these links:

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