Hey Its My Birthday Today.

I’m so tired and full.  We didn’t go out or do anything crazy.  The wife had to work.  I watched our kid and two others.  But I got to watch some fun stuff.  Venture Bros and Super Hero Squad.  Then my wife bought some huge subs for us and cupcakes and we had a great dinner, just the two of us.  Watched the latest episode of Flash as well.

Lets celebrate together in the way my wife intended.  With an awesome banner.  She bought this kids banner for my birthday a few years ago and puts it up every year for me.  It means so much.  Makes me feel like an old man like me can still have a special day.  An old man who wants to eat poorly and watch cartoons on his birthday.

photo (13)

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Personally, I feel like we should be able to do whatever the hell we want on our birthdays, especially if that means being able to pig out on cake and cartoons.

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