Jem and the Holograms Trailer Kills All Hopes.

Its bad, its really bad.

First off, everything you love about Jem is gone.  No computer, no transformations, no Misfits, no warring bands, no ridiculous adventures.  All this movie will have in common with the loved cartoon is the name.

Speaking of the name, this movie would still be horrible but it would at least have been given a chance with another name.  Call it “Making It” or some other quick bullshit title.  But to call it Jem and have nothing to do with the cartoon is horrible.

I asked my wife if she remembered Jem, and she did.  Then she told me all the things she remembered about the series.  Twenty years later.  Then I had to tell her all these lasting memories have zero to do with the movie!

Third, there is nothing original about this movie at all.  Terrible pop music.  A girl who comes from nothing and becomes famous then forgets who she was but its okay her friends will forgive her and they’ll all be a family again.

See for yourself.

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