Pop Pop! Its the Trash Culture Mail Bag!

So my buddy Brian was posting cool stuff online.  He shows off two comics found in a local comic shop’s dollar bin and I was jealous.  Green like the Hulk and with about the same verbal skills.  “Me. Like! Me. Jealous!”  And so on.  If only I were Mr Fixit era Hulk. Well, cool guy that Brian is he said hey I’ll send them to you.  Turns out Brian was just rescuing them.  Like some people with pit bulls, Brian finds the geek ephemera left wanting and laying and gives them new homes.  He’s the ASPCA of pop culture.  Or trash culture as he has named it.  Check out Brian’s blog at:



And now check out what came in the mail:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4



Conan and Rom were bonuses.  Great bonuses at that.  Conan is becoming like Godzilla in my personal geek wheelhouse.  A concept that I had no interest in as a child that seems like a crazy omission to me as an adult.  Once I was offered a complete run of Conan books from a friend who had grew out of it.  The paperbacks.  Dirty musty old paperbacks.  I passed.  Now I wish I had all of those and anytime I see an old Conan paperback I grab it.  This comic is an awesome addition to those stacks.

Rom is just.  I mean its Rom!  Its one of the most amazing stories in all of comics.  First Marvel gets this empty idea dumped on them and turn chicken shit into chicken salad with a title loved near 30 years later.  Then its a lesson in copyright law because no one can do anything with it!  Not like Parker Brothers have done jack with the property since the comic ended.  No reboot, no cartoon, no merchandise.  Nothing.  Yet Rom cant be reprinted.  Finds like this are a gift to those of us who want to learn more about the Spaceknight.

Speaking of licenses that people just shit on, Shogun Warriors!  Sure most people have seen the giant Godzilla toy but the rest of this giant robot line is pretty spectacular.  This is the only way to get it too so a number one is to be cherished and appreciated as the only way to read classic stories of giant fighting robots.

Finally the Punisher.  The first issue of his ongoing series.  There was a limited one before this but I remember this ongoing.  Issue 9 was one of the first comics I ever bought.  Punisher undercover in a high school.  Its a hell of a read even now.  That whole first couple years was crazy.  Before the Punisher was over exposed.  This is a great book to highlight in my collection and my eventual geek room.

Big thanks to Brian and be sure to go check out his blog!

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