Psycho Bonkers #1 Advanced Review.

Coming out this Wednesday from Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Adam Archer, Federico Blee and Josh Reed.

Recently I was on a podcast and I was asked to hype up a comic that I love.  Without any hesitation I picked Psycho Bonkers.  I described it as all the action and drama of Speed Racer mixed in with Mario Kart.  That sold a couple copies.

Psycho Bonkers follows Shine as she tries to win the Super Bonk Rally, and all five rounds of it.  As fast as she is she wont be fast enough to escape her tragic past.  What will she find first?  The finish line or the answers?

Its an insane comic and I loved every panel.  Once again Vince Hernandez has taken a germ of an idea and created an entire world of beauty with it.  The sport of Bonk Racing has all the excitement and potential of the first trailer for the Phantom Menace.  But young Anakin has nothing on Shine.  For one, Shine is strong.  She is headstrong and independent.  A wonderful example for young women coming into comic shops asking where the next Spider-Gwen or Ms Marvel can be found.  She’s right here, and she can school any boy you know trying to run you out of the game.

Shine works damn well with her team and that’s where the book, um, shines.  Gabbo is an adorable mechanic droid and Shiza has to be the greatest sentient car since KITT.  Together they form the best kind of team, a well balanced one that has been around each other long enough they can communicate problems non verbally and fill up that space with witty banter.  Not only does the book earn the Mario Kart comparison from the story but also in the amount of fun I had reading it.  The kind of fun that takes place late into the night with best friends and snacks and those damn turtle shells.

While the TV shows and video games I mentioned have the benefit of constant motion, obviously comics are static.  However that is not an obstacle for this team and the Bonk Race is so perfectly paced readers will find their own knuckles turning white at the corners of the page.


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