5 Teen Titans Stories We Want to See on TV.

If you fear you don’t have enough comic book based TV shows to watch, have no fear!  TNT is going to bring Teen Titans to the small screen.  TNT.  They know drama.  Is there a synonym for drama that starts with T?  “They (k)Now (T based Drama word).   Anyways, the Teen Titans have been through many members, incarnations and like the rest of DC Comics multiple versions and reboots.  Through it all there have been some incredible stories that deserve to be shown on basic cable.

Now lets take a look at five stories from the comic books that would make great episodes or arcs on what’s sure to be a number one rated show.


5.  Marvel and DC Present #1  The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans.

I know I know.  But just follow me here.  Fox not only has the rights to do X-Men movies but also an X-Men TV show.  Rumor is they are already looking into a series.  With all of the channels that Fox owns and Warner Bros. there are dozens of places that could be a home for an X-Men series.  Any series would need a launch and what better pad than the (by this time) successful Teen Titans series?  This classic cross over involves Darkseid trying to break through the Source Wall by stealing the Phoenix Force.  Holy crap that’s huge!  It will be cosmic.  It will involve lots of young sexy actors.  It will be the most convoluted story this side of the CW.  And look how successful they are!


4.  Terror of Trigon.

Lets get the most batshit and crazy ideas out of the way here.  Trigon comes to Earth to claim the planet and his daughter.  Oh, his daughter happens to be Raven of the Teen Titans.  Oh, also, Trigon happens to be a demon.  Not just any demon but a demon on the level of gods.  All the usual powers and abilities plus rewriting reality and physics.  He’s pretty much the bad guy that should be the focus of an entire season.  Turn Raven half way through for the mid season cliffhanger.  Then convince the viewers that this group of “kids” doesn’t have a chance and all hope is lost.  Then again, the name on the marquee says Teen Titans, not Trigon.


3.  Changing of the Guard.

People hate this story but I love it.  The TV show would have to last a few seasons to make this story a reality but it would be a lot of fun.  Longtime members leave, new faces come in, and the team struggles to come together.  Any successful show has to deal with actors leaving and this book is a perfect way to address that.  It starts off with Robin handing over the team to Wonder Girl.  Like any family that has a member who is suddenly in a position of power, long forgotten family members start crawling out of the woodwork to get a piece.  Its up to the new Titans including Wendy and Marvin to save the day.  That’s right.  Wendy and Marvin from Super Friends.  You hated them as sidekicks but wait until you see them as full fledged teammates.  And wait until you see what Wonder Dog is up to.  A “break the internet” comic book moment.


2.  Terra Incognito

This storyline is where Teen Titans became one of the best selling comic books.  Bigger than the X-Men.  Bigger than Trigon!  The girl next door joins the time.  She’s young, she’s cute, she’s blonde.  She also has the power to literally move the Earth which gives her a chip on her shoulder and an attitude to match.  She is Terra and she needs to learn how to be a team player real quick as the Titans are about to face their most dangerous foe, the Terminator.  Oh.  You may know him better as Deathstroke.  Real nasty mo fo.


Which leads to…


1.  The Judas Contract

Wally West gives up being Kid Flash.  Dick Grayson quits being Robin.  Brother Blood attacks the team.  Nightwing debuts.  Any one of these would be an event.  Enough to carry the entire season.  But then.  Then.  A traitor is revealed.  The team is betrayed as one of their own.  It is a classic comic book tale that still holds up today.  These issues have been dissected almost as much as Watchmen.  Was there foreshadowing?  Did this character know something and thus can this entire scene be re-read with another meaning?  Its a story that comic lovers read over and over again and would no doubt bring that love to the series.



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