The Mysterious Abandoned Video Store.

So this picture showed up in my Instagram feed.  All credit due and the picture is on a public account which is why I’m sharing it here.


That my friends is an abandoned video store.  With everything still inside of it.  From the looks of things, it has been abandoned for some time.  Best of all it appears to be within a half hour of my place.

But I cant find it.

I have such great plans too.  Of course I might be a little misguided and uninformed, but here’s what I’m thinking.  This spot has been unused for years now.  Just the front window display tells that.  However, everything is owned by someone.  Someone owns this retail spot that is unused.  That means no money is coming in.  I bet the owner would love to get some revenue from this spot.  What if I got hold of him?

I picture myself finding the spot and then from there figuring out who owns it.  I call up and offer to empty the spot for free.  Throw out everything in that window.  Its most likely too sun damaged by now.  The hope is that behind that display are hundreds if not thousands of VHS.  All for the taking.  My own collection becomes legend.  Plenty will be left over to sell or trade.  All for free.

If only I can find it.

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