Check out Sales to Astonish.

I am finally getting around to my Free Comic Book Day report.  Part of that report is my first of many trips to a little store called Sales to Astonish.  I heard about this place from one of my friends.  He said its only open one day a month.  What sort of ridiculous shop is this?!  Well, he’s not totally right for one.  For two, its not really a shop.  Think of it as a convention table without a convention.  All of these comics are available to buy at conventions in the area.  But what about when there isn’t a con?  Why should these books sit alone in the dark desperately waiting a buyer?  Why not open up the inventory?

So that’s what Sales to Astonish does, and one of the days they did it was on FCBD.  I went nuts.  I tallied up my purchases and guessed I was spending $55 which was bad because $50 was my limit.  But my wife gave me the go ahead and my books were rung up for… $20 less than that estimate.  I was floored.  Books I’m excited to own as a fan, as a collector, and as an investment.  They are willing and able to cut some great deals for fellow fanboys.

Lets check out some pictures from my day:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4



The staff was ridiculously helpful.  One of the best experiences I’ve ever had in a comic shop.  The building is just the coolest.  Best of all its in a small town that beckons you to seek out the closest mom and pop grocery store so that you can sit on the steps outside enjoying an ice cold soda out of a glass bottle.

Dammit, this is what reading comics was meant to be.  Having fun, making friends, learning new things and feeling at home in an establishment that’s brand new.

I will go back.  I will go many times.  I’m so in love with this store that should my family move out of the area we will plan return visits around the hours of this store.

For more on Sales to Astonish check out the links:


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