Music Review: Sperry Alan “Before Our Time”.

If nights of sitting on the porch having a couple drinks with your best pal could be put to verse and beat it would be Sperry Alan’s “Before Our Time”.


It has been years since I’ve heard an artist who pours so much of his emotion into every single song.  The amount of catharsis and relief that Alan feels after every performance is equal to years of therapy.  Alan Sperry created this concept album after making the life altering decision to not commit suicide. Its a journey that is painful to endure with him but uplifting and inspirational as the album progresses.  The opening tracks, “Hold on Tight” and “Made of Mistakes I Am” are conversations that most of us have had.  Either with a friend, or internally.  Life isn’t what it should be and there appears to be no way out of it.  “I Maintain” and “Give Me a Warning” are the beginning of something new.  Maybe life has a plan, a turn, a power greater than ourselves that will eventually show itself and give some meaning.

The “Rock & Roll Life” hits and that meaning emerges.  It is the outlet.  A shared pain is a pain that becomes easier to deal with.  If I had “Before Our Time” in some of my darker days then Alan Sperry would have been my guide to the light.  He would be on stage, starting in darkness and slowly bringing the lights back up one by one as the set list flows from his passions and experiences.  While I would no doubt have a few adult beverages in me as Alan takes me through “My Woman” and “I’ve Got It All” my thoughts would reach a new clarity.  He becomes a kindred spirit.  More talented musically of course but a guide through depression.  A minstrel telling of his own battles and inspiring me to not give up.

Alan Sperry will continue to grow as a star.  Its easy to see why the producers of Haven used his music on their season three documentary (check out the Haven DVD).  This success would not have happened if Alan had ended his life.  Take “Before Our Time” and let the music fill the holes of depression.  Much like this music would not exist if Alan had left the mortal plane, your future successes will never come if you choose to end things early.

To begin to delve into Alan Sperry’s album click the link below and enjoy.


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