The Avengers Flyer is Found Lacking.

I am so caught up in the Avengers merchandise and hype.  There are toys and boxes and of course comics and everything else cluttering up the collection.  So when I saw that there were some cereals with free Avengers gifts inside I was sold.  Frosted Flakes is alright.  Frosted Flakes with a free Avengers flying disc inside?  I am sold and enjoying a big old bowl.  I rush home in hopes that this disc is Grrrr-eat!

But no.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


When I saw the kids on the back playing with this I thought the disc was actual size.  Let me clarify.  Assuming a certain height and weight for the kids I thought the disc would be of proportional size.  No, its pretty much the size on the box.  A little bit bigger than that but not much.  Even worse its a very thin nylon type fabric.  The rim is folded up to fit inside the box like a pop up laundry basket but by folding this into a box of cereal it warps the rim and thus the entire flight of the disc.

Yes, I was expecting a full size plastic flying disc inside of this gigantic box of cereal.  Maybe its my fault for expecting too much from cereal companies in 2015.  Its my fault for growing up at a time when full size cereal bowls would be packaged to boxes of cereal.  I still have my Ninja Turtle one.

Its such a disappointing piece of the Avengers I expected them all to be wearing jackets.

Five points to the first reader to get that one.

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