Fathom Blue #1 Review.

From Aspen Comics, Vince Hernandez, Claudio Avella, Mark Roslan, Erick Arciniega, Josh Reed.

FathomBlue-01a-Avella FathomBlue-01b-Pantalena FathomBlue-01c-RET-To FathomBlue-01d-RET-Turner

In my time reviewing comic books from Aspen I’ve heard one thing repeated over and over again.  “Another Fathom book?”  I don’t hear people make the same complaints about Batman or Spider-Man or a list of hundreds of other heroes here.  Its not another Fathom book.  It is another chapter in the gigantic story that is Fathom and this is the biggest story yet.

In the history of this series, fans have seen the deepest depths on Earth and the powerful humanoids that live down there.  The Blue and the Elite have fought and grown and made their existence known to those of us on dry land.  None of this has gone well.  Like any other group, there are good and bad and those that need to be stopped.

There are also those with very different opinions of who fits in those groups.

Four of the Blue have been taken hostage by the US government.  They will be sent on missions, and outfitted to enhance their Neptune-given gifts.  All to take down one of their own.  One group’s savior is another’s traitor.  This wary group must fight against their countrymen or die.  Finally an A-Team, an Expendables for the aqua set.  More like a Dirty Dozen.  Not a one of them seems innocent but a few seem to have a bit more innocence left than others.

I’ve read lots of good Fathom comics over the years but this is the most excited I’ve been for a new chapter.  There is bound to be all those things that have made Fathom great over the last ten plus years crammed into this mini series.  Fascinating characters, great battles, betrayals, and the ever present strong female leads that Aspen Comics is known for.

Don’t you be Blue for not buying this comic when you had the chance!  Oh that was bad, I promise the writing in the comic is much much better.

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