The email came through today.  I will be attending the Scare A Con horror convention at Turning Stone Casino as a member of the media!

SCARE-A-CON Web Logo 2015 - Dates

Huge huge thanks to my buddy Chad at Horror Movie BBQ who helped me with this.  I’ll be seeing you there sir!

Scare A Con looks amazing this year and I will be doing interviews and features and reviews and everything else leading up to the weekend.  Then the sky is the absolute limit during the convention.  This will be a golden era for the site and a huge opportunity for me.  Who knows who I will meet and network with in the upcoming months.

Also I was invited onto one of my favorite podcasts today.  Mums the word (although it was on Twitter) until we plan something out but I’m very excited.  I have been listening to the host for years now and I look forward to having a great conversation with him soon.

Another big thanks to Geek Fallout for getting my name out there more.  I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the podcast and I look forward to many many more.  I’m starting to get the itch to restart my own podcast.  Just have to work out the feed and hosting and all that again.

Its been a stressful year and while none of this makes me a millionaire it does put me on the path of dreams once again.  I cant begin to express how thankful I am to everyone who contributed to these opportunities.  It wasn’t just one person’s work, but many rooting for me and helping me out.

Now to watch a ton of horror movies!

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