My Culinary World is About to Change.

There could be some great restaurants where I’m currently living but I’m unaware of them.  Partly my fault and partly theirs.  Of course I recognize the names of chain restaurants and I can try them or go out of habit.  Every so often a friend or co worker (when I had them) will invite me to a local place and its good enough for me to go again.  For the most part though meals are eaten at home because I don’t have places that give me that feeling.  Smiling face and happy tummy.  There are many restaurants, both chain and independently owned, in my home town that I love.  Any trip home becomes a balancing act of where I haven’t eaten in awhile and what am i most craving?

One of those things that I love is chicken wings and I have always loved the ambiance of Buffalo Wild Wings.  The electronic games, the wrestling and MMA PPVs, and the many memories with friends and family.  Don’t forget the wings.  I love Asian Zing and while I never did the Blazing challenge inside the restaurant I have had it to go and spent the rest of the night on a couch.  (Wasn’t even my couch.  Or my toilet.)

So when this graphic came across my screen today I was excited.  Now to the grocery store to buy many spices and a ton of bags of frozen wings.  Now to hire a babysitter and over do it while watching WWE Network.


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