Fear Falling Asleep to The Walking Dead.

Hey there are trailers up for the new show, Fear the Walking Dead!


That’s the advertisement before the trailer right?  For a more boring movie.  Nope, that’s all that we’ve been given so far.  Show premiers in under two months and all that we have is some talking.

I’m a big defender of The Walking Dead comic and show.  Many times people say that the show is boring.  But what they don’t understand is it needs to build up the tension.  Only by building character drama and creating people the viewers care about can the betrayals and deaths matter.  However, there are still teases of death and injury and the most important, zombies.  Thus far there has been nothing to differentiate this highly anticipated show from every other show.  Maybe this unforeseen enemy is aliens or super beings or criminals or everything else that viewers can find on the channels.

I understand fearing the unknown but so far there isn’t even anything for me to worry I don’t know.

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