Remember When We Discovered 25 Things About Each Other?

Just for fun I was looking through old Facebook posts.  Funny things I said, pictures, all kinds of things.  Buried in there was this crazy and rarely used thing called Facebook Notes.  A spot to write things a bit longer than the usual Facebook posts.  I haven’t used it in years and I’m trying to remember if maybe Facebook used to have a character limit and our longer thoughts had to go in this Notes ghetto.



Way down deep in the notes I found my “25 Random Things About Me” post.  Remember that?  Everyone around the world was posting 25 facts about themselves.  To be silly or get noticed or just join the bandwagon.  You did it, and you did it, and I know you did it too.

Six years ago.


My post, and the articles about the viral nature of this are all from February 2009.

Six years ago.

On the one hand I’m pleased to see improvements in my life.  I have accomplished some of the things I was looking forward to and exceeded where I thought my life would be by now.  Then there are a few items I really need to work on.

But what I found so jarring is how little I remember and how important it seemed at the time.  Everyone was doing this.  Millions upon millions of people.  It captured the world.  Now years later and its like I discovered a forgotten city buried for thousands of years.  This is a glaring example of how disposable our interests and much of the internet have become.

Just for fun here’s my original post from six years ago:

Blah blah blah, you post things and you tag people. Then the people you tag read it, because they think they’re mentioned by name. Then they get upset they wasted their time reading it without a shout out (as the kids call it) and in their anger decide to post one of these themselves. This idea is so wide spread CNN even had a story on it. “Have you been tagged? Tune in at eleven.” I thought it was going to be a story on graffiti. Anyways, lets see if I can come up with a few things.

1. It takes me forever to find the “note” option on Facebook. This is part of the reason it’s taken me so long to do one of these. Also, I find it ironic that “facebook” shows up within Facebook as a misspelled word.

2. Some of the best “get psyched” motivational rock music for working out (you know, for those of you that do) comes from wrestling. Seriously. Go listen to Demolition or the Brood’s opening music. Makes you want to rip shit up.

3. For a week I didn’t know if I had a job or not. Seems like there was some miscommunication at work. They thought I was quitting, I thought they were going to fire me. Thus a loss in hours. One two minute conversation later and I’m on for a bunch of hours again. See how many things we can work out when we talk?

4. I want to wrestle one wrestling match at some point in my life.

5. I want to have one published comic within my life too.

6. Yes, I really do think I could make this whole Hellions thing work if given enough time and attention.

7. I am terrible with money, no surprise to those that know me. However, part of the “who wants to marry Kevin” application includes being willing to budget my money for me. Here is my check, tell me how much is left over for comics.

8. If there is free food involved I am there. Case in point, as I write this Matt calls offering me food. I am now leaving the house to finish this in an hour or two.

9. When I wander Wal Mart I look at, in order, DVDs, $5 DVDs, action figures, comic book based t-shirts. All of these things would be for me.

10. I’ve had a letter printed in a DC comic, that is the extent of my comic’s work so far.

11. My dream is to open up a Hellions store – comics, wrestling, MMA, classic video games. I would do it today if I had an investor, so who knows when I’ll do it.

12. Nothing makes me happy than seeing my girlfriend’s comments on wrestling and comics. At times she’s a bigger geek than I am.

13. Yes, Buffalo Wild Wings is my favorite place on earth to eat but less known is the fact that my second favorite place is brunch at the Carriage House. (No, sadly second is Grand Buffet out by Super WalMart).

14. Even with all of the shady people I hang out with, I have only had one night of my life that I don’t remember. And it was last year’s Irish Fest.

15. I’ve never done a drug in my life. Also amazing considering who I hang out with.

16. I am apparently an ass man, or so I’ve been told. Which makes sense as I find sexy panties to be the sexiest things on earth.

17. When I was younger I would tell places I worked at that I couldn’t work Monday nights because it was “family night”. However, I didn’t want to work on wrestling night. Monday night wars!

18. I have an offer to write for a wrestling site.

19. I would rather lose all my comics than have to go to high school, or ever attend a high school reunion.

20. I made closer work friends in NJ than in NY. Oh shut up Scott, I already knew you.

21. I would pick Jennifer Aniston over Angelina Jolie. Some people find this strange.

22. I’ve had only two big emotional, draining, messed up, ruin me for days, cries in the last 5 years. One of them was for Eddie Guerrero’s death.

23. There are pictures on my phone (that I sometimes send as texts) that no one wants to see. However, if you want to I will corrupt you.

24. I have eaten at places, shopped at stores, etc based on the fact that “I think some wrestlers will be there”.

25. I learned more useful information hanging out at the comic shop than I did in high school. (Sine? Cosine? Screw that, I want to listen to bootleg Beatles albums and discover Jack Kirby and Robert Crumb).

Ok, that should suffice. If you need anymore, ask.

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