Rumors of Horror – Nightmare on Elm Street.



Fun fact for those that don’t know.  I went to college in the far upstate New York town of Potsdam.  Most of you wont have a clue where that is, and that’s understandable.  How about… it was closer to the Canadian border than it was to any major US city.  Or that the distances between buildings was kept short to minimize how much time would be spent walking outside in the snow.

So to think that something crazy would happen there is just ridiculous.  And yet that’s what the rumor is and has been for years.

There are four colleges within about a 10 mile radius.  One of them had a very bad thing happen.  Word is that four members of a fraternity died in their sleep.  Horrible deaths.  Not alcohol or drug related.  Not your usual college bullshit.  But nonetheless dead.  Four.  Same building.

This is enough to inspire fear and horrible thoughts in anyone.  Including a would be screen writer.  Like a young man going to one of the colleges who can never shake this story.

Enter Wes Craven.

He writes the story of these sleep deaths and needs a title.  Obviously its a nightmare for all involved.  Quite literally for some.  Setting the tale in this wintry village isn’t appealing enough, but the frat house was on this sleepy street known as Elm Street.  That will do nicely.

So the legend and the franchise begin.

Now, I don’t know if even half of that is true.  I could have looked it up for this article but that’s not the point.  The point is the fun in it, the scare.  Its the Boogeyman and Bloody Mary.  Sure, we’re all adult and mature and know what is and isn’t real at college.  But damn if everyone got spooked walking down Elm St.  Which house is it?  Have you gone inside?  I think I see something!

And it was thrilling and you go tell your friends about it.  They tell their stories.  Other tales of horror and escape are shared.  Everyone relaxes and feels alive and excited to have lived to tell the tale.  When really there is nothing to tell.  Nothing happened in reality, only in the mind.  But isn’t that just as real as anything else to us?

I am very bi-scared.  Depending on the day, other thoughts, what I’ve eaten and more I can be absolutely petrified and screaming for my life or I can be completely detached and point out all the strings on the puppet.


As summer reluctantly turns into fall I’ll be discussing scares and thrills much more.  If you would like to discuss with me or enjoy the horrors together lets meet up at Scare A Con.

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