Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Comic-Con Trailer and Thoughts.

So here’s the trailer, for those of you who haven’t seen.

And here’s what I think.

Remember that Christ like imagery in the trailer?  People about to drown, on top of their homes, reaching up to Superman as the Savior.  The parallels between Superman and Jesus Christ are well publicized.  But they got the wrong parallel here.

Both were sent by their fathers to save us.  By being stronger than mere mortals they show us the way to the greater good.  They are here to inspire us to be more than human not with special powers but by stretching our minds, hearts and souls above the average.

Never before have I seen the parallel to be that both Superman and Christ were persecuted by those they came to save.

Also, we have all wanted to see Superman and Batman share a screen together for years.  But not like this.  Not in battle.  Sure, there’s always a fight between new heroes.  Why not do it the Avengers way?  Three people with differing view points that have an argument for a bit before realizing they are on the same side.  Not freaking Batman and Superman, two heroes who have been teaming up for longer than anyone who reads this has been alive.  They helped us in World War II!

I want to see Super HEROES on screen.  Not Super whiny misunderstood bitches.  So far everything DC has shown me is more woe is me than Save Me.

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