The Deadpool Movie is Going to Make So Much Money.

Here’s the trailer shown this weekend at San Diego Comic Con.  Obviously its recorded on a cell phone, so the quality isn’t great but all of the details and jokes are still coming through.  Take a look:


Not only Deadpool but also Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Blind Al and Stan Lee as a strip club DJ.  The cast is stacked.

Tons of great action.  Guns and swords and cars and more to come I’m sure

But by far the best is Deadpool’s humor!  So much of Deadpool is his smart ass remarks.  They are here and then some.  Jokes in reference to the film, to himself, and even to Ryan Reynolds.  Great stuff.

See this is what I had in mind while writing my thoughts on Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice trailer.  Here is Deadpool.  He kills, he swears, he’s an asshole.  Yet this super hero movie looks like more fun and is brighter than Superman who should be the great hope and icon for all.

Its a sad day when Deadpool looks more heroic than Superman.  Sad for Superman, but great for the hundreds of millions of dollars this movie will make.

One comment

  1. And this is the problem with 90% of all the other superhero movies. They just aren’t fun. How could you be sad and mopey when you can tear a planet in half?

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