Remembering Hulk Hogan’s Racist Restaurant Rules.

Hey remember this?  Seems a lot more telling with today’s news.



  1. Is it racist to want to maintain a certain dress code? I only ask because I’ve seen similar signs posted outside of African American owned bars and clubs around that were pretty much verbatim. They may have been a bit more strict, since they also didn’t allow jeans or anyone under the age of 25. That also might be why they lasted less than a year.

    I also wonder if Hogan had anything to do with the dress code sign, because it specifically states no do-rags, skull caps or bandanas. We all know how much the Hulkster loves a bandana..

    • I don’t think it was racist. And just because his name is on it doesn’t mean it was his call. However with everything coming out today it is an interesting addition.

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