Baako, an Interview with Joshua Covey.

A couple years back I interviewed Joshua Covey for his Kickstarter, Baako.  The site I did the interview for is no longer so here to preserve this is the original post.  Baako is a very cool book and you can find out more about it and Joshua at


Hellions:  Baako looks to be one of the richest most original comics projects on Kickstarter.  Can you tell our readers the plot of Baako and where the idea came from?

Joshua Covey:  The overall story of BAAKO will span across 3 books. Each one being a 100 + page book with a mixture of multiple genres. The first book will be our origin of course, and will go a little something like this:

It all began when a great star fell from the heavens, unleashing an evil force known by those who inhabit this world as “the Hatred.” From that day onward, it has become a constant struggle for survival. The Hatred continues to grow and to consume everything in it’s path, leaving behind nothing but a barren wasteland, distorting anyone caught in its path into grotesque minions whose only purpose is to serve and further its onslaught, pushing humanity to the brink of extinction.

The story begins quite some time after the Hatred has spread, leaving very few civilizations remaining. It will follow a mysterious young girl, unscathed by the Hatred. She is discovered just on the outskirts of its reach and is taken in by a very small tribe preparing for their next battle.
Believing the girl is of great importance, the leaders of the tribe decide to send her away to meet with one who they think could clear away the fog that shrouds her past.
Wanting to stay and prove herself a true warrior, she agrees. Unfortunately, before she is able to make it to her destination, tragedy strikes, leaving her with no choice but to turn back the way she came. As she sets out to rejoin the tribe, other mysterious figures come into play. They have hidden interests of their own in regards to our young heroine.

As the first book comes to a conclusion, we will find out who (and what) these “mysterious figures” are and what their true intentions are. We’ll also learn our heroine’s true potential and her purpose in the fight against the Hatred.

You mentioned on Kickstarter that this project is for your daughter, so she can read about a shall-we-say more realistic heroine.  How do you plan to show her strengths and avoid the cliche that is bad girl art and broke back poses?

Mostly. By not doing the cliche bad girl art and broken spine poses. I believe that you can have a strong female lead without having to resort to the “physical” attributes that are so commonly associated with the role. My character will have emotion, have physical and mental strengths and weaknesses, and beauty, which will be portrayed without lessening the wardrobe. In short, she will be realistic.

I’m about to be a father myself.  How were your perceptions of comics and their influencing powers changed upon the arrival of your daughter?

That is awesome, congratulations!

Well, to be perfectly honest, not much. I’ve always enjoyed the more whimsical, light hearted stories. My all time favorite book has and always will be, Bone. Of course there were certain titles I’ve picked up just so I could follow the artist, but I’ve never really been a big fan of the mainstream super hero books. That alone is one of the main reasons why I want BAAKO to succeed. There just isn’t that much out there that truly appeals to me, let alone my daughter. Who some would argue, is a bigger kid than I. 😉

Your art style has bits and pieces of many other artists yet is so clearly your own style. Who were your artistic influences and how did you combine that with the talent within yourself to create this unique style?

I would have to say that my biggest “artistic” influence would have to start with, Jeff Smith.

The rest of the list:  Stephen Silver, Jamie Hewlett, Ben Caldwell, Sean Galloway, Mike Mignola, Arthur Adams, Joe Madueria, Brian Stelfreeze….  The list goes on and on, but those, I would have to say are the most influential. Now, my personal style is much more cartoony and animated. So can you understand the first few, the rest help round out and fine tune a bit of the way I do certain things.

There is a character in the Kickstarter preview art who has a length of chain for an arm.  This is one of the most bad ass images I’ve seen in awhile.  Without ruining the book, is there anything you can tell me about this character?  Will there be more original character looks like this within the book?

Oh yeah! Expect to see a lot of things like this in BAAKO. The character you’re describing is one of millions of bad guys along the same design. To give you a better idea, he is just one of MANY that’s been infected by the “Hatred”,(our main villain) which has the power to mutate the DNA of any living and non living being with whatever is around them. For example, the chain armed creature. It distorts them in a way that anything can be used as a body part or even a weapon. Leaving the creature/monster possibilities limitless.

Joshua, as a comic book fan and a father you know money can be tight but we all want to support talent.  If this project wasn’t your own which tier would you pick for your pledge?

I would chose the “What it’s all about” tier. You get the 100 + page completed print of BAAKO book 1 for $20, and that is with shipping included. Now, if you are outside of the US, I have a pretty cool deal I think you will enjoy as well.

Finally Joshua this project is looking very good.  Do you see yourself doing another Kickstarter project after this and if so can you tease the readers with what you have in mind?

Thank you, and absolutely! As mentioned earlier, this will be a trilogy. Assuming the first book is a success, I look forward to having the chance to produce the remaining books, via kickstarter, and allowing the fans (YOU!) to be much more involved in the incentives for the next go around.

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