Well… August 20, 2015.

Its been so long.  Its been such a deal and a pain and horrible and… lets just get down to it.

Here was the last year:  Good paying job.  Job lays off about a third of the company in one shot.  Bye bye, you cant even go back to get your coat and lunch bag.  I try for other jobs, we get stressed out, and about a month after the lay off I fall into managing a Halloween City store.  Hell of an experience which I have written about here before.  But, it is called Halloween City for a reason.  Its not rotating holidays city.  That ends in November and I try and try and try.  Nothing.

Without any exaggeration I applied for two to three hundred different jobs.  At least.  You know its bad when you’re told to not bother applying for jobs because they already have a few copies of your resume on file.

So I try and try and try to no luck.  My wife gets a job to make up for things.  We have our eBay and Etsy and babysitting and more keeping afloat but damn its stressful.  The water kept rising and we honestly didn’t know what to do next.  I was debating crowdfunding which if successful would be a temporary solution but then what.

Out of no where I get a call for an interview.  I go to the interview and then wait.  We have had so many false leads I couldn’t even be optimistic.  I was sick of being let down.  But finally success!

I’ll be managing a home furnishings store and paid a livable wage for my family.  Thank God.

Some might think this would be the end of the stie or a gap in writing.  If anything there will be more.  Because now I wont spend my nights in a panic.  No more wondering how we will pay rent or not fall behind in bills.  The relief today made me feel taller and more alive than I’ve been in a year.

Lesson learned though:  Time for a plan.  Money in the bank.  Future in sight.  One year, five year, life time plans.  Never again will I let this happen to me and my family.

Now its time for some wrestling and comics and other enjoyments.


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