Forgotten Movie From My Past

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So earlier today I was lurking around the interwebs as you do and found a little clip of Spaced Invaders. Oh my God! Last time I saw this movie I was about 9 years old, give or take. This was one of those movies I saw in the good old days of VHS AND we had video stores too. It is sad that many kids now a days won’t know what it is like to go looking around a video store. That was always a fun time for myself…. Anywho! Spaced Invaders, yes! So the plot for the movie goes as follows:

A crew of Martians overhears a radio broadcast of Orson Welle’s _War of the Worlds_ coming from Earth, and, thinking the Martian fleet is attacking Earth, they land their broken-down ship in a backwater mid-American town. As luck would have it, they land on Halloween and get mistaken…

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