CSPN presents Know the Score: Coaching Meltdowns (featuring Derrick Logan & Agent_70)


Welcome back to CSPN’s Know the Score!


This week, on the heels of Gators coach Jim McElwain publicly berating a player on the sidelines, our #KTSPod panel discusses coaching meltdowns. Is this behavior effective? Can it lead to wins? Our roundtable gets into it, and recalls a few all-time infamous coach rants and meltdowns.

Then, we visit the diamond as the MLB regular season is narrowing down to contentious pennant and playoff races. Which teams will have the easiest and toughest Road to the World Series? Also, our NFL Week 2 picks, a Know the Score fantasy league update, and, in the debut of a new segment, Jessy’s Hipster Sports Corner,  the Rugby World Cup.

Panelists this week include returning guest The Wolf of All StreetsDerrick Logan, Comic Book Chronicles co-host Agent 70, and Know the Score teammate/WrassleCast co-host Don Delarente.

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