The WrassleCast, Episode 46: ‘Bad News Wrestlers’ or ‘Bring Back the Squash Match’


Presented by The CSPN

Welcome back to the WrassleCast, your place for pro wrestling color commentary with color…


It’s our first episode in the Friday CSPN timeslot, and we’re afraid we’ve got some bad news to report all around the world of pro wrestling.

Between Hulk Hogan‘s racist tears, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka‘s long-delayed murder charge, Zahra Schreiber‘s racist tweets, Bram‘s kidnapping, & shots fired outside the NXT Performance Center, we barely have news to report from inside the ring!

Our hosts Sam, DeeDee and Don power through the bad and get to the good (recaps of SmackDown!, Raw, NXT & more) and then discuss the need to bring back enhancement talent to televised wrestling matches. Whatever happened to the squash match? Press Play and find out!

Listen to The WrassleCast, Episode 46: Bad News Wrestlers/Bring Back the Squash Match

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