Countdown to Halloween 2015: A Nightmare on Elm Street 3.

I’m not sure if I have seen all of the first Nightmare movie.  I never watched 2, 4, 5 or 6.  I think I’ve seen all of New Nightmare.  And I went to the theater for Freddy vs Jason.  But Dream Warriors was something different and hit video stores and cable at just the right time for me to watch it far too many times at such an age.


While it is of course Freddy and there’s plenty of gore my true thrill was seeing the Dream Warriors.  There was a time when those of us who loved comics were lacking any super powered movies.  Superman was done, Batman isn’t super powered and Marvel couldn’t get a movie back then if they stood in front of a Cannon.  The Dream Warriors were like the Teen Titans, or the New Warriors.  Young people with powers fighting the great evil.

I loved all of it.  The nerd.  The goth chick.  The… The… Alright, so its been over 25 years.  The memories are a bit fuzzy.  But you know what I do remember?  Some spectacular T and A.

That’s right, the nurse scene.

Stacey Alden as Nurse Marcie.

Nurse02 Nurse01 Nurse03

Fun fact.  I remember going to some random person’s house to watch this movie.  There was a kid in the neighborhood, about a block down.  I cant remember his name and we weren’t really great friends.  When you’re a kid you hang out with who else is in the neighborhood.  Sometimes it leads to great friendships and other times you very easily drift apart when there’s anyone else to play with.  This kid and I were the latter.  He was a latchkey kid and took advantage of it.  HBO, video games, poor diet.  The usual.  One day we were hanging out and he invited me to watch a movie.  That movie was Dream Warriors.

We got through the gore no problem.  Already immune to language.  But then breasts came on TV.  And we both covered our eyes!  No parents around.  No adults.  We both without prompting closed our eyes!  Then we realized how foolish this was and opened our eyes up to see some boobs.  And the scene was over!  There was no rewind button for HBO at this time.  It was gone.  Over.  Nothing more to look at and no idea at that young age when the opportunity would again arise to see boobs.

At least they were bookended by a damn good horror flick.


This was brought to you as part of the Countdown to Halloween.

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