Countdown to Halloween 2015. Care Bears.

Yeah that’s right.  Care Bears. I said it.  Perhaps I should give an explanation.


I was a wuss when I was younger.  Scared by everything.  Avoiding things most of the time but damn if scary things didn’t reach out to me in an attempt to pull me to the dark side.  It worked eventually!  As a child I would always take a look at the horror section of most video rental stores but I was also always too scared.  Most of the time even the covers were enough (future post!).  Something was needed to cleanse my mind and what could be more innocent than Care Bears?  Anything.  Because Care Bears had the scariest villain that turned me off of being a horror kid for another ten years.

In the first Care Bears movie, from way back in 1985, a young magician is enchanted and some might say possessed by an evil book.  There is a Spirit inside, sometimes called The Witch, and she manipulates this poor boy Nicholas throughout the movie.  This book spirit is creepy as hell.  This seemingly benign movie features a child possessed by, lets say a demon, and he tries to destroy younger children throughout a cat and mouse game that takes place in an amusement park.  Take away the Bears and make this live action and you have a horror movie script in your hands.  Shit, leave the bears.  That might make it more terrifying.

To this day I remember the echo effect of the Spirit’s voice.  “A lesson to be learned.  A lessooooooooon.”  I’m getting the shivers now.  If the freaking Care Bears are creeping me out then what hope do I have to watch slasher flicks?  Hell even Universal Monsters will be too much.

I’ll be back to discuss my history with horror but I need to get this creepy witch out of my head first. Where’s the key?

(This is the best video I can find of the ending and the Spirit at her most powerful.  The scene starts at 2.28 and if you can find a better version please let me know because I would love to switch it out.)


This post is part of the Countdown to Halloween.


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