Countdown to Halloween 2015: Reading.

All month long I’m taking a look back at how I went from a scared child to a horror loving adult.

Tonight I’m remembering books.  Of course I mean a handful of specific ones, a random horror comic, It, and Silence of the Lambs.


When I was young and just starting to get into comics I went to look for more reading material in the greatest place to look.  Grandparents attic.  Five kids grew up in that house so the chances were good at least one of them bought comics at some point in their lives then forgot about them up in the attic for decades.  Sure enough, they were there.  A crazy amount of Dennis the Menace comics, one Amazing Spider-Man, and some random magazine size black and white horror comic.

I cannot remember what book it was but I’m sure if I ever read it again waves of memory would come back to me.  It was the story of a glutton who is invited to a creepy house for a meal only to be informed he’s eating human.  I think he left the house, crashed his car, and was served up for the next meal.  Most likely there were more stories in the comic but that one was enough to scare me.  I threw the comic under my bed and months later while being forced to clean my room I threw this all too scary tome into the trash.

The next time I tried to read something scary was Stephen King’s It.  I knew plenty of people who read horror and it seemed like a good place to start.  Instead I made it through the first chapter and was once again too scared to continue.  I threw it under the same bed where it laid for months.  Something about ripping off a child’s arm was just too much for me.

Flash forward years later and I’m stuck at the cottage.  The family cottage has no cable, no phone and nothing but boredom for me.  In retrospect I’m glad because it taught me a love of reading.  What else was I going to do for the summer?  One night I notice my mom brought a copy of Silence of the Lambs.  If Mom can handle it then it must be ok for me right?  The book was terrifying, more detailed than the movie, but in the end a good read.  We’re out in the country and nothing bad happened.  Books have been conquered.  Now for movies.

This post is brought to you as part of the Countdown to Halloween.  Join me and other bloggers as we talk about this wonderful time of year.


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