Countdown to Halloween 2015: Book of Shadows Blair Witch 2.

All this month I’m looking back on the media and moments that turned me from a scared kid into a horror fan.  Today is all about one of the more lacking movies I’ve ever seen, Blair Witch 2.


As I wrote earlier, I love the first Blair Witch movie.  I still think of it as a groundbreaking film not only within the genre but for all of movies.  The sequel however left everything to be desired.

To be honest I haven’t bothered with the movie since seeing it in the theater.  Not only was it a failed attempt to mix traditional film making with POV cameras but it was also a horrible plot.  Nothing made sense, the scares were too telegraphed and this once terrifying creature of myth became a joke.

Bunch of crap though the movie may be it continued to help me get over my fears and embrace the fright.  I didn’t jump, I didn’t close my eyes.  I say there dissecting a film.  Treating horror as art allowed me to love what is great, critique what isn’t and create a special place in my heart for all that is ridiculous.

Later the same night I went to a haunted house with some friends.  This was a more terrifying and satisfying experience than the movie.  We got excited while in line.  We were scared through each twist and turn.  We even accidentally went out the chicken door and got right back in line in order to finish the whole thing.

While I didn’t need to be scared in the theater I learned later on that allowing myself to be can increase the experience 10 fold.

This post is part of a large group of blogs celebrating the Countdown to Halloween.  Join in!


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