Frozen Cereal.

No not cereal from the freezer. This is cereal based on the movie Frozen. Marshmallow broken legs and crunchy corn ski lifts. 

Wrong Frozen. 

Taste Elsa, Anna, Olaf and Sven for yourself. It’s like a warm mouth hug. 

I’ve gone too far again. 

Let’s see the cereal. 

I still have fond memories of cartoon cereal from my youth. Good or bad. Mr T. Ninja Turtles. The kid inside ( Frosted Mini Wheats) still loves such things so I gave the cereal a try. 

It’s horrible. 

Bland corn crunches. Marshmallows that are too hard. It tastes a lot like bad generic cereal. I’m sure no one cared to make a great tasting option here when anything with the Frozen label sells. 

While the movie will live on forever this cereal will be quickly forgotten. 

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