Countdown to Halloween 2015: Toolbox Murders.

All month long I’ve been taking a look at my history with all that is scary and how I went from a scaredy cat to a black cat.  Not sure that worked as well as it did in my head.

Today I’ll look back at one of the all time classics in horror, a game changer, a film for a generation.  Alright, none of that is true.  Lets talk about the 2004 remake of Toolbox Murders.


When I still hated horror films I had friends who would love to invite me over for a movie and then throw on something scary to mess with me.  I’m still very close to these friends but my horror turn has left them without the joy of torturing friends.  Years ago though we watched Pulse, Skeleton Key, some more I’ve completely forgotten and finally the Toolbox Murders.

This movie was the big moment when I finally saw the man behind the curtain.  The strings.  Through the smoke and mirrors.  All escapes from reality came crashing down during this watching and forever more I would know that horror movies are just that – movies.  Someone wrote it, someone directed it, and hundreds of people were involved in its creation.  The horribly gory scene was filmed right before these two actors were talking about their dogs next to a catering table.  For example.  Could have been cats.


The sets are cheap, the story is bad, and worst of all there is one horribly shot kill.  If I’m supposed to see a decapitated head I shouldn’t see the hole in the ground that the actor is sticking his head through.  Nor should I see shoulders.  But there they were.  I was immediately and permanently taken out of the moment.  I saw how the sausage is made and now I can never go back to ignorance.  Doesn’t mean I still wont eat sausage though.

Now being scared is a lot like watching pro wrestling.  I know the entire time its all fake and scripted but I want to appreciate the art of it.  The winner is obvious, the killer is obvious, but how the story gets from point A to point B is my interest.

This post and hundreds more are part of the collection of sites celebrating the Countdown to Halloween.


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