Countdown to Halloween: Enjoying the Day.

Its here!

I woke up sad today.  Part of it was because my food to alcohol ratio last night did not work out in my favor.  Should have carb loaded some more. Most of it was because today is the day.  Halloween sales have begun and stores cant wait to get rid of the spooky merchandise.  The store I work at is all out of Halloween (and harvest).  The Halloween stores are only open two more days.  Then all of this will be a memory.  Left in the dust as the commercial march to Christmas begins in full force.


But then what?  Thanksgiving blows by.  Christmas is so much work its tough to enjoy it.  Then we’re in January and there’s nothing to be excited about until May.  Not that the calendar can be redone but it wouldn’t hurt to spread out the enjoyment.  Stop thinking about Halloween as one day and make it a season.  Keep the spooky decorations up until the week before Thanksgiving if you wish.  Have the turkeys and changing leaves up until the first snow fall.  Or until your tree goes up.  My family usually keeps the Christmas tree and decor up through the Feast of the Epiphany (January 6th).

Not everyone shares these feelings though which is why its great to be involved with so many other bloggers in celebrating Halloween for all of October.  I watched season one of Fear the Walking Dead.  A few more horror movies have been watched:  Sharknado 2, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.  I know, its not the classics or even the goriest but it was fun and enjoyable and makes me want to keep going through the VHS and the DVDs and the streaming services to always find something new.  New to me.

We had our annual Halloween party last night and it was a blast.  Familiar faces, new faces, arguments over music and everyone getting along.  Its one of my favorite gatherings every year.  We have had a party every year since 2011.  I know that’s a small tradition but it means something.  Despite people moving and having kids and every other life change we still put on a fun party.

Tonight we’ll dress up a fussy two year old and go out Trick r Treating.  Not that he’ll get a ton of candy of course.  I also think its time for him to have a Halloween tradition.  Every kid should come home after getting their loot and spread it all out on the floor while watching Peanuts and Garfield Halloween specials.  Because I did it.  Seriously, if this kid rejects geek culture I don’t know what I’ll do.

Thank you to all the other bloggers for making this a fun year.  Not everyone loves Halloween and sometimes it takes real effort to have fun and make the season magical.  Thanks to this crazy thing called the internet we have this community of like minded people and can enjoy each other’s thoughts and company 24 hours a day for the coolest lunch table ever.

This post and more were part of the 2015 Countdown to Halloween.  Now lets look forward to a great 2016!


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