CSPN presents Know the Score: The Steph Curry Experience


Welcome back to CSPN’s Know the Score!


On this week’s episode, we review the week in sports across the NBA and the NFL, noting the dominant play of reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry and the undeniable impact of NFL MVP candidate Cam Newton. Our panel then brings in the start of the MLB offseason, with the Nationals hiring Dusty Baker and what’s next for the Royals and the Mets.

All of this, plus our nominees for the weekly #KTSPod awards.

Panelists this week are TSN Radio’s One on One co-host Wall Street Will Strickland (@WallStrizzle1) and  BallerMindFrame.com contributor Mister King (@misterking730), sports media contributor and Mr. #GHOE himself Tyler Ball (@taball1), plus our regular co-host Nubyjas Wilborn (@nwilborn19).

This week’s episode is moderated by Don Delarente (@DonDelarente).

Click here to listen to this week’s episode of Know…

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