WWE Survivor Series 2015 Tournament Predictions.

Seth Rollins is injured and the WWE title has been declared vacant!  Hell of a break when the Road to WrestleMania is about to begin and has certainly been written.  Without the champion the entire landscape changes.  This coming Sunday the latest word is that a tournament will be held at the Survivor Series Pay Per View to crown a new heavyweight champion.  This is a night that could make careers.  A night that will change the face of the WWE.  Lets speculate about who will be the star of the evening.


First of all, how many people will be competing?  My guess is an 8 man tournament.  4 first round matches, 2 semis and 1 final.  That’s 7 matches which gives room on the card for matches unrelated to the title picture.  A 16 man bracket would require 8 more matches.  Maybe on a four hour PPV, which this currently is not.

With that my field of 8 predictions are:

Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose

Kevin Owens

Alberto Del Rio


Dolph Ziggler

Bray Wyatt


This is where it all gets interesting.  The direction of WWE hangs in the balance.  What is the lead story for WrestleMania?  How you answer that question decides who wins it all.  There have already been two big teases for upcoming storylines.  Both ideas could be ratcheted up by putting the most coveted title in wrestling around one of these three men:

Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose

Bray Wyatt.

Everyone wants to see Roman and Dean feud.  The potential for magic is tangible.  The only question is who will play the heel and who will be the face chasing that title into ‘Mania?  While Dean could be a Rowdy Roddy Piper level of heel with amazing promos, great slimy wrestling, and the demeanor fans love to hate don’t take anything away from Reigns.  He is one of the strongest men in WWE and that strength could be shown as a mountain Dean cant climb.  The underdog just isn’t strong enough to take down the big guy.  He tries one last time at TLC, wins the Rumble against all odds and has his moment at the granddaddy of them all.  Either story is money.

But then there is the Undertaker factor.  Bray Wyatt has been stealing all the power in WWE.  He has taken down both the Undertaker and Kane then called down the lightning and the thunder.  What more powerful totem is there than the WWE title?  Bray has his family beside him and no one man could possibly dethrone him.  However, a Phenom might be able to.  A Phenom in his last match at the biggest stage of them all.  Walking into the sunset with the title.

Both ideas are money and could easily plot the WWE Universe into next spring.  I give the edge to Reigns and Ambrose solely because a WWE champion has to do interviews and maybe a cult leader isn’t the face the company wants out there.  Roman had his moment last year.  Dean could be the guy to go out there and build momentum as the common man chasing his dream.  The next Dusty.  The next Stone Cold.

Roman Reigns will win the title but Dean Ambrose will gain the most.

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