You’ll Never Know Everything.

I stumbled upon these pictures in my files. Obviously I saw them on the sited Instagram accounts, and hey give these guys a follow.  I don’t remember what I originally saved them for. What I do remember is the feeling of finding a lost treasure. When I first saw and saved these pictures and again tonight I felt like I unearthed long forgotten scrolls.


To me it just proves there is no way to know everything about a hobby.

We have all been to garage sales, thrift shops, someones attic, and found the Star Wars and the GI Joes.  That’s easy.  But Infaceables?!  And Starriors? Who the hell remembers these guys?  I cant even think of a parallel.  There are fans of 80s hair metal and then there are people who have heard of Enuff Z’ Nuff or Dangerous Toys.  Even that is a stretch.

The more important point is that as I said above, there is no way to know everything.  In 2015 I’ve learned about movies and comics and music that has existed all of my life yet never entered my wheelhouse until this year.  These things are at least 40 years old.  I should have at least heard passing mention before.  But no.  Now I have all new (new to me) things to explore which leads down the rabbit hole of their influences and what they influenced.  I bet I could take the first new-old thing I hear about in 2016 and follow the influences for the rest of the year, discovering something new each and every step.

Its also why I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to be geeks.  There’s such joy in this.  There is a history impossible to ever fully explore.  No one ends the NFL season and starts watching all the games from 1980.  But we geeks could and do sit down to consume everything from a year, or location, or movement.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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