Star Wars is Magic.

I have been in the middle of an internet blackout.  I wanted nothing to spoil my viewing of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

And it worked.


I saw the first trailers and then stopped clicking links.  As soon as the reviews went live I went dark.  I didn’t want to know who was who, or anything that happened.  I wanted to lose myself once again.

Way back when Episode 1 came out I was relatively spoiler free.  All I knew was from the theater trailer.  No books, no articles, and also the internet was not yet what it is now.  Did I even have a MySpace back then?  The night before I was watching SciFi channel’s hour long special and there at the very end was the Star Wars rap with the now immortal lines. “Qui Gon Jinn dies, and so does Darth Maul.”  This was the night before opening day!  The night before!  I don’t care that many people knew the spoilers already!  Many more did not.  Now the movie is ruined right before I see it.  This ill timed song still lingers in my mind to this day.  My anger has never been abated and thus I had to do all in my power to see this movie with open eyes.

And it worked.  There was the logo, the crawl, the expanse of space and a giant spaceship in it.  I didn’t know the reveals, the fights, the triumphs and the tragedies.  None of it.  I was a wide eyed child who could believe in everything that took place in this far away galaxy long ago.

It was a magical time.  For over two hours I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t exhausted, I could forget all the rough times my family went though this year.  I remembered the joy that is being a geek.  As much as we all thought this movie would come out in May I’m thrilled it was December.  I now have all of this love and belief in magic flowing through me that is giving me the ambition and inspiration to awaken my own gifts in the new year.


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  1. I’m right there with you! I was amazed at how much they managed to keep under wraps and it was a great experience not knowing next to anything about it going in.

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