Happy Holidays from Work.

It takes a lot to get me.  A lot.  I make random pop culture references, jokes that require back stories, and an at times bi polar jump between serious and sarcastic.

Yet despite all of this I came in to work to a surprise gift from a fellow employee.  This basket took a lot of thought, is already much loved, and will take a lot of loving thoughtful nights to eat it all.  Two nights tops.  Days too.  Maybe a 24 hour period.



In here are Star Wars cereal, Star Wars fruit snacks, Star Wars soup, a pen, and behind all of it a bag of Reese’s peanut butter cups miniatures (sans-Star Wars, but still in cannon, because E.T. appeared in Episode 1).   The Force will not awaken with my belly because it is full and happy.

So far everything is delicious too.  One of the better themed cereals on the market.  Better than the Avengers one for sure.  Great fruit snacks with the perfect firm to chewy ratio.  I haven’t tried the soup yet but its coming.

This also starts the Christmas haul posts.  It was a Star Wars Christmas and I was both surprised and grateful for all that I was blessed enough to get.


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